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Managing Your Fleet Just Got EASIER

Our GPS Tracking system allows you to increase productivity and cut your costs significantly. Always know the location and status of your fleet 24/7 and monitor unsafe driving and improve customer service with ease.

GPS tracker for vehicles
Our GPS tracker allows you to easily monitor vehicles with a power source so you can manage your fleet with ease. This GPS tracker is connected to the battery of the vehicle and can provide various data such as real time locating, SOS alarm, reports, alerts on driving behavior and you can even control the engine remotely! Always know where your fleet of vehicles are, increase productivity and improve safety at the same time!.



GPS tracker for standalone assets
This GPS tracker was designed to manage items without a power source. It's perfect to keep track of packages and shipments and also works as a great anti-theft tool. It's fully equipped with a high performance solar battery or long life battery (years without charge), it's durable and compact, and made with a hassle-free design with no cables making it fast and easy to install. This unit is perfect to manage containers, trailers, rental objects, boxes and so much more!.


mecSOLAR solar powered tracking device with record capacity battery and wireless sensor interface in an ultra compact casing. mecSOLAR owns a lot of technology highlights despite its relatively small size, e.g. the wireless sensor interface mecSENSE al well as an optimized form factor for container tracking (incl. Reefer- and Sea-Containers).


mecASSET The advancement of mecTRACE asset is characterized by its compact design, its small footprint, its unrivaled modularity and its integrated high-performance battery, up to 15 years by one position per day or 10 years by 3 positions per day. Built-in temperature sensor and water resistant case, extreme robustness and optionally operated y a rechargeable battery.
mec ASSET mini


mecASSET mini is a small asset tracker which is ideal for shipment, inventory and anti-theft tracking by GPS. Due its small size it fits into (or on) all kinds of objects or shipments (e.g. ULD, palets, boxes etc.) It can track objects for 2 or 3 years by one position per day or several months by multiple positions per day. Built-in temperature sensor and water resistant case.

mecSOLAR and mecASSET usage areas

mecASSET mini usage areas

mecSOLAR Container Door Installation

        mecASSET Inside Container Door Installation

GPS OBD 2 with diagnostic
This unit was designed for organizations with multiple vehicles to care for such as leasing companies, local governments, or workshop. It offers unmatched sophistication and intelligence to keep you up to date with any issues with your vehicle. Providing detailed information and data on each vehicle to ensure it is safe to drive and if the vehicle is unsafe or has any fault alarms, then troubleshooting can take place 24/7. The unit sends real time diagnostics to specified workshops to allow remote access and review seamlessly.

Golo 3 features
Golo 3 safety

Golo 3 remote diagnostic/help


Golo 3 in action

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